Mechanical Products:

 There are several types of mechanical parts, each with its own unique purpose, function and design. The most common types of mechanical parts include fasteners, bearings, gears, pulleys, springs, and shafts. Fasteners are used to hold two or more mechanical components together. Read More →

  • Industrial Valves & Valve Fittings.
  • Gearbox, Axle, Sprocket & Gear Parts.
  • Nails, Fasteners, Rivets & Shackles.
  • Ball Bearings and Bearing Assemblies.
  • Seals, Oil Seals & Industrial Seals.
  • Moulds, Jigs and Casting Dies.
  • Die Casting & Investment Castings.
  • Sheet Metal & Turned Components…

Electrical Items:

Industrial electrical equipment is an “extension arm” of the industrial  electricity system, helping to ensure the stable operation of the power source, and at the same time developing a safe, reasonable and efficient transmission system for production activities.Read More →

Products are PVC Conduit Pipe, Conduit Pipes, Elbow Tee Coupling, Conduit Fittings, Bend, Saddle Patti, Junction Box, Reducer Extension, Ring Female, Bush Adaptor, Solvent Bending Spring Fan Box Concealed, Wiring Casing, Capping Casing, Elbow Tee, Coupling Casing Fittings Doctor Round Block Reducer Internal Bend External Bend Square Box Junction Box Panel Trunking Panel Wiring Switch Non-Modular Switches Socket Dimmer Regulator Indicator Fuse DP Switches Gang Box Boxes & Enclosures , Broad Switch Socket, Modular Switches, Regulator Blank, Plate, Indicator, MCB, Switchgears, RCCB Isolator, Mini MCB,COS, Electrical Porcelain Fuse, Distribution Board, AC Box Bulb Holder Capacitor Extension Box Power Foot Light Accessories Line Tester Plug Top Multiplug Spike Guard PVC Tape Cable Tie Wall Plug Other Essential Wire Clip Round Cover Plate Doorbells Wireless Bells Door Bells Single-Core Building Wire Multi-Core Industrial Cables, 3-Core Flat Submersible Cable, Aluminium Service Wire, Twin Twisted Flexible Wires, Twin Parallel Flat Cables, RG6 Coaxial Cables LAN Cables, Reverb Speaker Cables, Telephone Pair & Switchboard Cables…

Safety & PPE

Safety equipment refers to protective gear, tools, and devices that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in industrial workplaces like manufacturing, construction, and mining, among others. Read More→

We at Crestline Global Solutions offers wide range of Safety & PPE equipment like Safety Gloves Hearing protection Safety shoes Safety Glasses Respirators Safety devices Eye protection Fall protection Safety helmets Dust masks Fire protection Head protection Traffic safety Fire extinguishers Gloves and hand protection Hard hat Face Shield Protection for the feet Workwear CGS industrial safety equipment Body Armour Face protection Lockout devices…

Tools & Equipment:

Industrial tools are used for tooling trades and manufactured using high-quality material to deliver a long lifespan and the ability to get work done in no time. Industrial hand tools are pliers, spanners, wrenches, hammers, saws, hand drills, and measuring tools among others. Read More→

We at Crestline Global Solutions offer all types of power tools & hand tools for each and every make/brand. Products range starts from Hammer Saws Wrenches Tools Drills Grinders Screwdrivers Cutting tools Pliers Clamps Cutters Sockets Torque wrenches Accessories Air compressors Chainsaws Drum roller Heat guns Measuring tools Power tools Pullers Ratchets Lift equipment Riveters…

Office Supplies:

Office supplies are used to accomplish many tasks around the office. Office cleaning products help keep work areas clean and tidy. Pens, pencils, markers, and other stationary supplies are used to writedown information and create eye-catching notices. Read More→

Binders, clipboards, file folders, and file boxes keep office papers organized. Calendars and dry-erase boards can help workers keep track of their schedules and projects. Copy paper and replacement ink cartridges are used to refill printers and copiers when they run low. We offer wide range of office supplies including breakroom supply with high standard of cleanliness and food security & certified standard…

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